Why license delivery?

The creation of a specific license will provide a pathway for thousands of small business up and down California. 

Just like other licensed dispensaries, delivery services would obtain all products from distributors, as mandated by the MMRSA, to ensure accountability and provide quality assurance. This is about making sure that all business owners have the opportunity to get licensed.

Licensed delivery services will provide access for patients, flexibility for local government and will prevent abusive practices. 

Access for patients.

Many patients are unable to access their medicine either because of their physical condition or the distance to the nearest dispensary. Delivery services ensure that all Californians have access to the medical cannabis they need.

Flexibility for local government.

Licensed delivery services would provide flexibility for local governments that do not want to restrict patient access but who are uncomfortable with storefront dispensaries in their community.

Prevent abusive practices.

Without licenses there is no way to require best practices or distinguish between good and bad actors. Without licenses we will be forced out of business. Other delivery services will continue to operate in the illicit marketplace. Public safety and public health will be negatively impacted. 

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