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Working together for fair regulations.

The California Cannabis Delivery Alliance (CCDA) is currently seeking membership from cannabis business operators and new chapter leadership throughout California as we continue to develop working relationships with regulators and members of law enforcement organizations statewide.

The CCDA is developing a framework for statewide communication and collaboration among three key audiences:

1) Medical Cannabis Dispensary Operators

2) Cannabis Regulators

3) Law Enforcement Professionals

The CCDA’s SF Bay Area Chapter will be working directly with representatives of the State level members of CGA, local law enforcement organizations, as well as with local and state legislators to bring a common voice to the delivery-specific concerns of cannabis dispensary operators throughout California.  

For operators outside the Bay Area, the CCDA is committed to new chapter development, and will provide the framework and support towards the founding of chapters in all regions of California.

As a statewide alliance we will be working closely with the California Growers Association, led by Hezekiah Allen, to ensure our concerns are well represented to legislators and regulators in Sacramento.

If you are involved in the delivery of cannabis or cannabis products to patients within the San Francisco Bay Area, or elsewhere in California, we encourage you to join our mailing list, or email us directly at CCDA2016@gmail.com.

Thank you.

Governing Member Benefits - $100/month

  • Monthly Meetings- (where available)

  • Weekly Policy Call with State Organization

  • At Least 1 Monthly Local Specific Call

  • Most Up to Date Policy Information via Newsletter/Facebook Group

  • Quarterly Mixers with Legislators in Sacramento

  • Opportunity to Lead and/or Join Working Groups and Steering Committees

  • Priority Access and Discounts to Events

  • Representation at the State Level (your input flows both ways)

  • Pooled Resources and Documents


Supporter Member Benefits - $25/Event

  • Monthly Meetings (includes you and 1 guest)

  • Most Up to Date Policy Information via Newsletter/Facebook Group